best kayak tackle box

The fishing from boat with live or natural bait is the most effective method, not only in terms of the quantity of catches, especially for its quality. It will be very important to choose well the points or areas where fishing is the most appropriate for this modality best kayak tackle box.

The right team

The rods and reels used must be specific for boat fishing, different from those used on the coast. Although there are some trends among fishermen to use short rods, and with a thick pointer, the reality is that to fish thoroughly from a boat the ideal is to use rods the longer the better. We will choose them light and with sensitive pointers and preferably interchangeable.

In choosing the appropriate equipment, the price or its simplicity should not influence. It is recommended that the reels be fast and wide-reel so that the thread exit is made more smoothly. As the team will always be at hand, the more powerful and lighter the reels, the better.

Regarding the thread (Pita), the braiding has a lot of resistance and provides many advantages, especially when noticing very clearly the bite of a good piece. If we choose nylon, it is better to select a brand that does not take many turns and is resistant.

The bait on the high seas

As bait for sea altar fishing we can use live or natural baits. It is common that some baits of the so-called “blood”, such as the American worm and the thread, provide a good number of catches.

If we use a large hook and a gamete of greater length below the lead, a piece of sardine, shrimp and prawns, they can give us good results.

One type of fishing from a widely used boat is the trolling. It involves dragging one or several rigs, using artificial lures, but that mimic the swimming of a small fish. In the case of using artificial fish, the color is important, it has to be dark and at the same time striking.

Another type of lures for sea altar are feathers, vinyls, pulpits, teaspoons, etc., using the most similar to the varieties that are in the area where it is fished.

Where to bait? Keep in mind that sometimes fish take their food from the surface and sometimes deeper. If you have a probe you have an advantage, if this is not the case, the ideal thing is to throw the boats with different weights in the plumb line. As a reference, seeing sea birds eating on the surface may be an indication that there are good pieces of fishing attacking schools of fish.

Key places to fish on the high seas

Towers and navigational aids, Lighthouses and signaling buoys         

Some species of fish live inside or around the perimeter of artificial structures and towers to aid navigation, becoming a good meeting point between fishermen and their prey. The most appropriate is to practice trawling with natural or artificial bait around these facilities, another option may be to send a bait or lure to the bottom that can often attract an inhabitant of the reefs.

Hills and seamounts

Even when fishing offshore at thousands of feet of water, a small variation in depth, in the form of hills and seamounts, can be a great opportunity to fish a pleasant amount of fish.

The best tactic to fish in this situation is trawling, using natural or artificial baits.

Remember that underwater mountains and hills are indicated in the nautical charts, so they are easy to find structures and you may have competition.

The canyons, ravines and cliffs of the Continental Shelf

They contain nutrient-rich water that rises from the depths, a perfect place for the food chain of the aquatic environment.

One aspect to consider when finding fish is to look for variations in the current or temperature of the water that intersect the platform or online satellite images of water temperature are also a source of information.

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